Nuclear Power: Open-ended questions and points of view

This special 64-page issue is translated into English from its original French version, published in 2018, and provides as wide a panorama as possible, in a journal format, of the issues and arguments in favor of and against this technology.

Download this dossier
Download this dossier
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The French Physical Society encourages the nuclear debate p. 2
Catherine Langlais
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How do we address the many facets of the nuclear debate? p. 4
François Graner and Stefano Matthias Panebianco
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French civil nuclear industry

Electronuclear technology in France today p. 8
Henri Safa
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Managing radioactive waste p. 13
Jean-Yves Le Déaut
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Decommissioning nuclear facilities p. 14
Barbara Romagnan
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Nuclear Energy Issues

An introduction to two cross-interview on the impact of nuclear power p. 18
François Graner and Stefano Matthias Panebianco
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Impact of nuclear power on health and the environment under normal operating conditions p. 19
Conversation with Claude Stéphan and Pierre Barbey
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The risk of a nuclear accident: prevention and management p. 22
Conversation with Jean-Christophe Gariel and Sophia Majnoni d’Intignano
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Radioactivity in the environment: the role of monitoring bodies p. 24
David Boilley
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Subcontracting and quality in a nuclear power plant p. 27
Interview with Gilles Reynaud
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The cost of producing nuclear electricity p. 29
Anne-Sophie Dessillons
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Nuclear energy and French society

The applications of nuclear power in France: the long-standing civil-military ties p. 34
Hervé Bercegol
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Civil and military nuclear power: related research p. 37
Jacques Bordé and Michèle Leduc
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Taking part in the nuclear debate p. 39
Françoise Lafaye
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The constant tension between the press and nuclear power p. 41
Sylvestre Huet
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What is the future of nuclear power in France?

Nuclear power in global energy transition scenarios p. 46
Sandra Bouneau
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Envisioning the energy future: from societal aspirations to technical challenges p. 49
Nadia Maïzi and François Briens
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Electricity distribution: advantages and limitations of the European electricity network p. 52
Jacques Percebois
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New nuclear reactor designs p. 55
Annick Billebaud
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Some unresolved questions and unaddressed points p. 58
François Graner and Stefano Matthias Panebianco
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To explore further... p. 62
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